ASM Global To lead Rebranding effort at Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport

Following the renaming of one of the largest military installations in the country, the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is anticipated to do the same. Director of Aviation Mike Wilson mentioned to City Council members on Tuesday that he has been receiving numerous inquiries regarding the airport and its services. As such, the city has budgeted for a rebranding program with Jeremiah Gerald and ASM Global Route Development to begin this process.

The process will include market research, such as consulting with airlines, chambers of commerce, economic development corporations, hospitals, colleges, Fort Hood and major employers in the area. Furthermore, citizen surveys and focus groups will be used to narrow down the top recommended names. After the data has been collected and analyzed, a briefing will be provided to the Council for a final decision.

It is noted that Gerald previously worked with Killeen officials in 2018 when Sixel Consulting of Oregon was helping to find other airlines to service the region. Gerald has since left Sixel to join ASM Global Route Development of the United Kingdom.

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